Gua Sha Tools

From reducing fine lines and wrinkles to aiding lymphatic drainage, all of our Gua Sha tools have a wide range of benefits. Though sometimes it’s hard to choose.

Jade, Clear or Rose? Whether you’re looking for an instant lift, de-stress or have sensitive skin, we have a Gua Sha tool for you. These tools are designed to last a lift time, just don't drop them on tiles! Crystals are €48 & Beauty oil is €38.


Jade - The award-winning all rounder

Suitable for all skin types

Use any time of day or night

Great for ageing skin

Reduces inflammation and cools skin

Rose - The morning glow crystal

Our favourite morning tool

Can be used on inflamed, sensitive skin and rosacea

Increases blood flow

Improves uneven or dull complexion

Helps generate skin cell renewal

Clear - The master healer

Our favourite evening tool

Removes heat from the body

Releases facial tension

Depuffs and promotes skin elasticity

Rebalances and hydrates the skin

Hay'ou Beauty oil - restore your skin with this intensely aromatic beauty oil

Unlike other facial oils, this Beauty Oil has been formulated specifically to be used with Gua Sha. With all the potent skincare benefits you need, including the iconic Chinese ingredients of lotus flower, frankincense and ylang ylang, but with slow absorption to protect skin during this powerful massage. Perfect for Gua Sha, or as a deeply nourishing treat for your skin, in the morning or at bedtime.

Key Benefits

Specifically formulated for Gua Sha

Iconic Chinese ingredients

Deeply nourishing and hydrating

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles