Environ Skincare

Environ is a globally recognised and loved professional skincare brand that is built on science, beauty and care. Environ was created by Dr Des Fernandes, a world renowned doctor, surgeon, scientist and pioneer.

Dr Des lost 2 young patients to skin cancer. This broke his heart, so he went about researching ways to help prevent this. His findings showed that vitamin A and other antioxidants can repair damaged cells, and also the importance of SPFs, and not high chemical spfs.. Dr Des pitched his ideas to 2 large skincare companies, and they were not interested in his findings so he made the creams for his patients. The waiting lists to see Dr Des got longer, and some patients did not need to see him, they just wanted his creams! Environ was made available to the professional skincare world. Environ proves to be a solution for people with damaged skin from all corners of the globe.


Vitamin A is the ultimate skin ingredient as it is vital for skin to look healthy and radiant for life. We all however suffer from a vitamin A deficiency, which means we need to replenish our vitamin A levels daily. Replenishing vitamin A and other essential nutrients is best done slowly so that skin can become accustomed to increasing levels of it, that is why Environ created the world's first VITAMIN STEP-UP SYSTEM. As part of their Essential Skin Care segment, they have two vitamin A ranges for you to choose from: Skin EssentiA Range (AVST) and the Youth EssentiA Range (VitaPeptide)

Vitamin A - Normalises, Repairs, Perfects the skin

Antioxidants - Protects & Smooths the skin

Peptides - Builds & Repairs the skin



Some of my favourites..


Skin EssentiA AVST Moisturisers 

This unique step-up system is designed to get your skin used to topical vitamin A safely and effectively. Once your skin is acclimatised and comfortable, we can then move you up to the next level. Vitamin A will repair help the skin. Some people think there is 5 steps.. There is actually alot more than that! As you move up the level, there is added other essential ingrediants as well as different forms of vitamin A. These can range from 500iu's to 50,000iu's.

How to use Vitamin A step up system Environ Skincare







VitaPeptide Eye Gel 

Your desert island pick! This eye gel works very quickly. Most of my clients, along with A-list celebrities such as Elle MacPherson & Naomi Watts, love using Environ Youth EssentiA Vtia-Peptide Eye Gel, because it delivers fantastic results, hydrating and improving the appearance of fine lines. Contains vitamins, antioxidants, peptides & hyaluronic acid regeneration technology. The fragile skin area around the eyes has the very busy but ageing job of expressing our emotions. Vita-Peptide Eye Gel helps eyes achieve a more youthful appearance by ”plumping up” the skin and smoothing out expression lines. One of the most popular products because it provides real, anti-ageing results.





Derma-lac is a liquid exfoliator. I apply a few drops into my hands and pat into skin a few times a week at night, helps with product penetration, hydration, exfoliation and gives an amazing glow the next day! Great toner for pigmentation and brightening.

Can also be applied on body to exfoliate. Apply vitamin A body product after for maximum penetration and skin repair.










Roll CIT 

As your skin gets used to your vitamin A moisturiser, your skin will start to repair, strengthen and plump. We all want this, but it means our skin will stop some of the penetration of active products. This is where your roller will come in. You will start using this 1 to 2 times per week on level 2 of your vitamin A moistruiser. It is not soar and will not draw blood, it is designed to make tiny little channels in the skin for your products to penetrate and work better. This is done in the evenings.

This instrument was pioneered by world renowned reconstructive surgeon Dr Des Fernandes, the Founder and Scientific Director of Environ. It has a smooth action roller head embedded with durable 0.1 mm stainless steel micro-needles for use on the face and neck. (& hands!)